Franchise Application Form

2. Applicant details (if the applicant is a trust)

3. Applicant details (for individuals, including directors, if the applicant is a company)


Australian Citizen or Permanent Residency Visa

Is English your fist language?

If you answered "No" to the above question, what training will you undertake to ensure you have business level proficiency in English?

4. Career Experience

5. References

A. Trade / Business Reference

B. Trade / Business Reference

C. Bank Reference

D. Accountant Reference

6. Financial Background

Are you, or you have ever been, declared bankrupt?

Have you ever entered into any arrangement for the benefit of creditors or had a judgment made against you by creditors?

Are you, or have you ever been a director of a company that has been placed in liquidation, receivership or entered into any arrangement with creditors?

Have you ever been refused credit?

Are you, or have you ever been a director of shareholder of a company when it was no creditworthy?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you must provide us with further details

7. Financial Requirements

Typically, the initial costs associated with a Chambers Fine Coffee (Franchise Fee, Training Fee, Fit out Cost) will range from $350,000 to $750,000 dependent on the location / size / menu / site. A further payment for Goodwill may be applicable for the purchase of an existing location, Up to what limit would you be prepared to invest in this franchise?

How would you fund the purchase and working capital of this business?



9. General Enquires

Why are you interested in buying a Chambers Fine Coffee Franchise?

How many years do you intend to operate a Chambers Fine Coffee Franchise?

Why do you believe you will be successful as a Chambers Fine Coffee Franchisee?

Please indicate whether you are interested in:

Existing Cafe to be re-branded

Existing Chambers Coffee site

New Site

Do you intend to personally manage the franchise business? If "yes", how many hours per day, days per week? If "no", please state how you propose to operate the business and who will be in charge of managing the business.

Please indicate your ideal locations in order of preference

What other business commitments do you plan to retain while owning a Chambers Fine Coffee Franchise?

Do you intend having your spouse of other members of your family involved in the business? If "yes", please provide us with a brief description of their age, business experience nad qualifications?

How do you propose to deal with unexpected losses and any other set-backs that may occur?