Discover Chambers Fine Coffee

We’re passionate about creating a local café experience for people with a busy lifestyle – where freshly roasted coffee, great service and a welcoming atmosphere take center stage.

As our namesake suggests, we’re committed to doing coffee and food justice.

At Chambers Fine Coffee we’re all about great coffee without the attitude. We cater to those with a busy lifestyle who demand quality – office workers, students, and mums are just a small snapshot of the people who have been enjoying the Chambers Fine Coffee experience.

Using our own speciality roasted coffee in our signature hot and cold beverages, we’re doing things the way they should be

done, and putting quality locally sourced produce first.

Our commitment to quality and supporting local producers also extends to our food and fit outs.

Each Chambers Fine Coffee café sources produce from their local area, ensuring we’re intrinsically part of the fabric that makes up each community.

As for our fit outs, each concept incorporates fittings and furniture sourced from local designers and takes design cues from classic coffee houses and legal chambers.

Grab a coffee and find out how you can join the chambers.